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Judy Kellersberger, Songwriter


  Judy Kellersberger with DJs Dandy Dan Daniels and Lisa Taylor  

Music Samples

We Could Be

It's Officially Christmas

It's Officially Christmas

Little Paws

Don't Let Me Fall

The Bull


River of Spirits


pop (female)

pop carolers

jazz (male)

folk/country (female)

country (female)

country (female)

country (male)



Judy with DJs Dandy Dan Daniels and
Lisa Taylor at WYNY 103.5

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  Cd cover Tribute to the Hudson River  

Rich Flanders' recording of
Tribute to the Hudson River.

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The Coleman Brothers recording of
Tribute to a Firefighter.

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  CD cover Tribute to a Firefighter  


Representative Performances

In Gail's Garden

Concert at City Greens, Sarah Rice (Broadway star and MAC award winner) NYC 2012. See video link on events page.

Tribute to a Firefighter

See Video and Listings on Events Page.

It's Officially Christmas

Seagram Building, NYC, performed by Abigail Lumsden and Les Horan. Christmas Season of 2013.
Picnic (Restaurant/Cabaret)
Andrew Schulman (classical guitarist), Christmas Season of 2013.
Private parties,
NYC and Texas, Christmas Season of 2013.
Andrew Schulman (classical guitarist), Christmas Seasson of 2011
Festival of Lights and Sounds of Christmas,
San Marcos, Texas
Parkland Chorus, Champaign, Illinois
Kelly Webb Ferebee Concert, San Marcos, Texas
Dickens Victorian Carolers, Skyscraper lobbies, New York City
Holy Rosary Catholic School, Hawthorne, N.Y. 2007, mid-school chorus (35 children)
Price Center, San Marcos, Texas. 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010
Heritage Home Tour, San Marcos, Texas. 2006
Church of the Redeemer, San Marcos, Texas. 2008
Individual Performances 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010
Sweet Adelines: Fourmata A-cappella quartet, Austin, Texas. 2008
Sweet Adelines: flash Quartet of Alamo Metro Ladies Barbershop of San Antonio, Texas. 2008

Little Paws

Metropolitan Room, Raissa Katona Bennett, New York City, 2008
Birdland, Christina Bianco,  New York City, 2009

River of Spirits

Smoke Cabaret, Memorial Tribute for Phyllis Tarter, NYC 2010
Queens Lesbian and Gay Pride Day, Queens, N.Y. 1994 Quilt Unfolding for AIDs Victims
Private and Public Memorials